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GalaxiFEST is an annual online music festival, hosted and run by Damian A. Laxton (aka DJ Ryuko Pegasasu) on his Twitch channel, Galaxian Recordings.   The first GalaxiFEST started on July 29, 2020.  Featured special guests: DJs from the Galaxian Recordings label and others.  The event plays a variety of music genres such as Eurobeat, Italiano disco, EDM, and more. 

Galaxifest Logo


When creating the concept for the logo, I began by visualizing images of futuristic space for the festival wordmark.  I started off with this rough sketch of the wordmark, where I made a swirly "G" with the right side of the letters to have a sci-fi space font. 


Rough work


I then moved on with making the first attempt of constructing the wordmark by adding colour, adding the Galaxian Recordings logo (their previous version) and placing gradient effect around the small letters except for the "G".  Instead of making the "G" like a swirl, I designed it to be more bold and abstract.   This showed balance between both sides of the logo.   However, this version of the design did not appeal to most of the collaborators from Galaxian Recordings.  Therefore, I adapted and decided to make an updated version of the logo to suit everyone's interests. 

Alternative GalaxiFEST Logo

Logo development


Here, this updated wordmark felt more consistent.  As you can see, I pulled out the Galaxian Recordings logo and mostly focused on the main wordmark for GalaxiFest.   I redesigned the "G", making it more balanced with the letters, and less confusing to visualize.  I took the 2020 year out of the "G" and relocated it to the bottom right corner to show more flexibility.  I duplicated the number 2020 and showed off the light to dark gradient tone. I kept the same gradient for the letters, and adjusted the color for the "G" to match it with the rest of the letters.  I also changed the font for the "G" and scaled it down to a proper point size.  Lastly, I added a black stroke around the letter.  This final design satisfied the collaborators and achieved their visual goals.

Galaxifest Logo

Final wordmark


Logo Presentation



Galaxifest Poster 2020
Galaxifest Banner 2020

GalaxiFEST 2021

Galaxifest Logo 2021_edited.jpg
Galaxifest Logo 2021_edited.jpg

Artist: Hrusa


GalaxiFEST2021 Poster.png

Guest Announcement Template


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