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Nocturne Rave is an ongoing online music event series hosted by Galaxian Recordings and in partnership with Bacharucon.  An online VR convention, run by Doujin Ronin and other staff of Bacharucon. The event takes place inside the VR Chat game on Steam games application.  Where you can interact with attendees, special guests like DJs and music composers, and listen to live music playing by multiple DJ lineups!  Music genres including Eurobeat, EDM, hyper techno, and featuring music from (not limited to) Initial-D, Dance Dance Revolution, and other anime, video games.  You can watch the live stream while in VR Chat via Twitch. 

View all of the images here.  Showing off different wordmarks and poster designs of every past event, taking place on Twitch + VR Chat for promotion.    

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