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Weed Jesus

Weed Jesus is set to be an independent cannabis store. This store will feature
variety of cannabis. From natural grown weed to electronic vapors
and also store merchandise to support the brand. As well as accessories
for making joints, grinding buds, charger kits for vapes, etc. Bring spiritual
and exotic like suppliers in store and positive customers to check out latest
top strains according to their preference. Assisting consumers and buyers
with friendly and reliable customer service.

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Weed Jesus supports the craftsmanship of marijuana production. Both
encourage and welcome feedback about their variety of strains from customers.
Staff helps compare both quality and pricing of different strains
according to the customer’s expectations. Offer refunds and exchanges to
various vapors, electric lighters and charge kits. Plus accepting returns for
broken seals inside of cannabis cases and packaging. In addition, they offer
special discounts when you sign up on their email newsletter, get exclusive
perks on shopping for the best marijuana in store. Small incentive for
account registration, free merchandise giveaway and more.


Tone and Style

The setting of Weed Jesus brings an earthly, spiritual and modern atmosphere. With rich greens and brown colors. Nature, clam, and elegant vibes. An economically friendly environment that welcomes diversity into the brand. Customers who enter the cannabis store will feel warm and welcomed when greeted by Weed Jesus staff. The store will show a mix of elegant and modern typography designs. A family font named “FinalSix” will be shown off in advertisements and in-store promotions. As well as email notifi cations.

Target Market

The ideal audience will include adults ages 19-39 and over 39.

People who enjoy cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. Customers can check out our store for various strains depending on their mood and lifestyle



At Weed Jesus, we focus on delivering a cutting-edge business direction to various of cannabis stores. Making our own unique selling points compared to cannabis stores like Grower’s Retail. Offering between rich flowers to electronic vapes. State-of-the-art products and goods to service customers at their full potential satisfaction.



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Weed Jesus Brand Rough Sketches_edited.j

Rough Work

Rough Work.png

Final Wordmark


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Brand Identity

Weed Jesus Stationery Brand Mockup.png

Brand Package

Branding Weed Jesus White Shirt V2.png
Branding Weed Jesus Black Shirt V2.png
Branding Weed Jesus White Shirt.png
Branding Weed Jesus Black Shirt.png
Weed Jesus Tote Bag.png
Weed Jesus Vacuum Pouch.png
Weed Jesus Cannabis Box.png
Weed Jesus Cannabis Box Full Open.png
Weed Jesus cannabis_sigarette.png
Weed Jesus CBD Oil Branding.png

Retail Space / Logo Applicaton

Weed Jesus Store Front Mockup.png


Weed Jesus_Landing_Page.png
Weed Jesus Landing Page on iMac Pro.png
Weed Jesus Content Page Part 1 on iMac Pro.png
Weed Jesus Content Page Part 2 on iMac Pro.png
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