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Brand Story

Since 2015, I have been on an ongoing journey to figure out what my brand identity is and how it symbolizes me.  Back in 2017, I started a graphic design program at George Brown College.  This field of study got me interested in learning about a variety of elements to use in design.  I, Anthony J. D’Avella am the proud owner and creator of my brand: Iron Ratchett. My new and improved Iron Ratchett logo embodies my brand identity: a bold take on gaming and pop culture;  a strong statement that is cutting-edge and fresh.  I take initiative in directing this creative energy into showcasing to my clients my skill and incorporating the techniques that I have learned into my works.   Since the beginning of my journey of graphic design, I have worked on multiple projects, including commission work for my friends, clients, as well as individual work for my brand.  I am currently interested in freelancing projects where I can fully utilize my creative energy from Iron Ratchett into new endeavours.  I have a passionate goal to communicate with clients through prompt emailing, calling, and social networking, and in-person meetings with a view to exceed their expectations on production progress and produce a spectacular final result.   My current and future clients are individuals and groups who are interested in pulp culture, gaming, music, and mainstream content, all culminating into a perfect design that I can create for them.  My Unique Selling Point is that I can provide comfortable, passionate, and tailored service to bring to life my client’s ideas and visions.   My main demographics include young adults aged 18-20, 20s, 30s, and upward.  I am happy to provide responsive one-on-one meetings and fast communication.   I provide comfort, efficiency, and reliable service to my clients.  I facilitate the realization of their dreams and help them to surpass their expectations.  Innovation is what carries out the continuous progression of ideas, keep moving forward!  

New Wordmark 2021- Present

When I was first designing my brand, I began looking into video games and movies that inspired me to show a visual representation of my aesthetic.   I ended up taking my favourite Marvel superhero "Iron Man" and the video game character "Ratchet" from the Ratchet and Clank franchise by Insomniac Games, and combining them into one identity: Iron Ratchett.

My goal was to represent the best characteristics of these two characters, namely, courage, strength, and motivation. 


Images showing "Iron man" from Marvel and "Ratchet" from Ratchet and Clank franchise


Next, I started to get some creative visuals in my head. These included geometric shapes, symmetry, and bold colours. I  converted these visuals into thumbnail sketches that were a mix between acronyms and wordmark ideas.  From there, I decided which sketch suited me the most and started to refine the wordmark design.


After refining the wordmark, I finalized the design to make it a more geometric and bold typeface.  This showed more consistency and a more aesthetically pleasing proportion.  I tweaked the design with different adjustments, such as transitioning from black & white to adding hue and saturation.  Also, an alternative version of my brand featured an E-sports logo on  I began presenting the wordmark in various merchandise and social media platforms.  

Iron Ratchett Sketchbook.png

Thumbnail sketches & rough work


Wordmark Development
Iron Ratchett Alternative Logo


Iron Ratchett Brand Black T-Shirt Mockup
Iron Ratchett Brand White T-Shirt Mockup
Iron Ratchett Tote Bag Mockup
Iron Ratchett Backpack Mockup

Social Media Banner

Twitter banner - 2023 Update

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